Renaming the Band

October 8, 2013 at 9:11 AMtdunn

The process of renaming the band seems to be coming to fruition. We have gone through the several steps of voting and the name that has been voted on the most as being the choice is "Space City Big Band." I think the wish of the band is to have some more discussion on this at the next rehearsal.  I still say that if we, as a band, think that there are few good reasons to change the name from what it is now, then let's not do it. If, however , we think that there is overall advantage, for whatever reason, to change the name at this time, then, let's go forward with it. I for one prefer the name "Space City Big Band" over "Brass, Rhythm and Reeds." I get the feeling that the majority of you are actually ready for a change also. Correct me if I'm wrong when we have the next discussion. Thanks again to everybody for taking part in this process. See you next time.

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